20150228_081940Have you heard of bulletproof coffee? I had a long time ago, but never tried it. But as I was thinking of ways to try and get more healthy fats into my diet, I thought this might be a great way to do that!

I didn’t follow their recipe 100%, but kind of made it to fit my own needs and with what I had on hand.

Ingredients I used: 

10 oz Teeccino (my dandelion root coffee) OR decaf coffee of any kind.

1 TSP-1TBSP Ghee

1 TBSP coconut Oil (can use MCT Oil also)

1/2 Scoop Natural Whey Protein

Optional – 1 TSP -1TBSP Coconut/Almond Creamer, cinnamon, cocoa, almond milk/coconut milk

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I made my coffee, put it in my NutriBullet cup with all the rest of the ingredients. Screwed the top on, mixed it up on my nutribullet and DONE!!

It came out real frothy as you can see from the cup above. The ghee taste is more dominant than the coconut oil, but its really pretty tasty AND filling!

Yesterday I made this to go along with my breakfast and I noticed I felt more full throughout the day. Didn’t need to snack or have the “unable to get full” feeling! It is said to help with energy, but because I don’t use caffeine, I can’t tell you if it does that or not.

Have you tried the bulletproof coffee? If so, how did you like it and did you notice any benefits from it? 

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