Having just returned from a fabulous week-long vacation, that required stays in multiple airports, I thought a post about healthy travel foods would be timely. It is easy to avoid overpaying for food at airports, if we spend just a little time shopping and preparing.  We can have nutritious and delicious food for weekend jaunts, RV trips … vacations of any length and distance!

If you also think about where you are staying on your trip, you can bring groceries with you or pick some up upon your arrival to prepare meals “at home” while on the road.  This also saves you money, as you are not eating every meal at restaurants!!

We often make our reservations at places that have kitchens, usually a condo/apartment, where we can eat our breakfast in and where we can also store and reheat leftovers (this can even be done with just a small dorm-size fridge and microwave!)  Making two meals out of one restaurant meal stretches your travel dollars, too!

So, here are some options for healthy travel snacks that you make in advance:

Nuts & Trail Mixes

trail mix

Fruits (the hardier ones will travel better)


Cut-up mixed veggies


Homemade muffins, cookies, protein/granola bars (especially for those who are Paleo or gluten-free)


“Sammies” (cut in half, of course!)


I always bring my refillable water bottle, too.  While it has to be empty to get through airport security, you can easily refill it on the gate side.  Often when we think we are hungry, we are truly thirsty!!!  Stay hydrated!

We like to bring tea bags, protein powder and oatmeal for quick and easy breakfasts!  Like leftovers, these can be prepared in an efficiency space, so long as you have a microwave.

Grocery ideas, if you have a full kitchen, would be eggs, bread, nut butters, bread, pre-mixed salads, even a frozen pizza!  Think about what you like to eat and do your best to recreate several of your meals in your vacation home!I promise you that you will feel good, your body and your wallet!!!

It is very easy to overindulge (or even starve) when out of your regular space and routine.  Bringing healthy foods with you and/or buying some on your journey will keep you in harmony while fueling you for the adventures you have planned and that have been awaiting you!

Safe & healthy travels I wish to you!!!



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