Not sure if have mentioned this enough, but I do not like cardio. Especially on any type of machine or when it comes to running. Yes, I do it, but do not like it. I would much rather prefer to so some form of bodyweight cardio. It’s not as boring, its multi-directional so works my body in different ways and it can be much shorter with the same benefits.

So as I sat at my desk for almost 8 hrs today, I decided I needed to get up and move and since it’s raining outside and I didn’t want to go do intervals on the treadmill, I decided to come up with my own workout.

THEN I thought, why not make it a CHALLENGE!!! Make it even MORE fun!! 😉

2015-05-19 16.13.07


Make sure to do a warm up  before you begin!! I did some inchworms, spiderman t-ups, forward lunge extensions, hip rolls and hip extensions.

Then I set up timer online and took off! My goal AND yours is to complete this in under 10 minutes. I finished it in 8:46 seconds!! Now its YOUR turn!!! 

Come back and post your time and let me know how well you did! Get it done girls!! 🙂


Here is video of the exercises in case you are unsure of how to do them correctly.

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