I stumbled upon this old post I did back in 2009 when I first started teaching boot camp classes. It was a fun way to mix up the same old workouts and each person worked out on their own. We STILL do these type of workouts in our Fit Chick Express workouts!

You get a pack of cards and assign an exercise to the hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, ace and joker. If you have the space, you can set up your cards about 20 yards away, run to the card, come back, do the exercise and then repeat. You do the number of repetitions that equal your number on your card. I normally take out the 2-4, but if you use them, just double them. So a 2=4, 6=12 repetitions. You can assign your card with whatever exercises you feel like doing that day!

I set this workout up as if you get an ace, everyone runs ladders or suicides. This is running from cone to cone. If you get a joker, everyone does 8 inchworms. You could also make it 10 burpees or 50 jumping jacks.

This is a lot of fun, because you just never know what you might get!

Boot Camp Poker:

Hearts=Push Press

Spades=Frog Jumps

Clubs=DB/Band Rows

Diamonds=Forward Lunge with Bicep Curl



Give a try by yourself or with a group of fitness friends or make up your OWN Boot camp poker workout and tell us what exercises YOU picked!!

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