I am not one to normally take time off, even if I go on a long vacation, but over the 4th of July, I was gone for an entire week and I did nothing in the form of traditional working out but we did go canoeing and paddleboating!

2015-07-11 12.29.412015-07-11 12.32.50 (Well in these pictures we are actually RIDING, but we DID paddle and peddle in both first, then let the kids have a try.)




We got back Monday and Tuesday I did some Lower Body PIYO, coming up with a routine for my Fit Chick Express girls. Wednesday was Obstacle training at FCE, Thursday I did bodyweight cardio with my girls and Friday was my weight workout. Um.. yea, I am finding out it was WAY too much at one time.

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For the last 3 days, I have hardly been able to move. Everything below my waist is incredibly sore! I have tried rolling, but dang that hurts! So today I decided to go for a nice walk and then do some yoga. I found the perfect one called Bend and Stretch and it was PERFECT for what I needed. Already my legs feel better…well I should say they are not as sore. 😉 And I was able to do some adrenal healing by slowing down my movement and focus on breathing. Fixing two things at once! WIN-WIN!! IMG_20150711_121926

One other thing I added today as I forgot to incorporate all week was my branch chain amino acids and glutamine supplement for recovery. They have been HUGE at keeping the muscle soreness to a minimum. This MRM brand uses stevia instead of artificial sweeteners which is why it’s one of my favorites.

2015-07-11 12.17.35