We all struggle with it. That one little word…MOTIVATION. It’s our excuse for not reaching our goals, whatever they may be.

I get asked all the time, “How do I find some motivation?” My first question to you is, are you really looking for it? Or in the back of your head are you telling yourself you really don’t want to find it. You are okay with where you are. It’s easier to say you can’t do it then really try.

images (2)Are you constantly telling yourself you won’t reach your goal. That your not good enough. That it’s just too much work and you don’t want to do it. Well then it’s not lack of motivation that is holding you back, it’s YOU! It’s the negative thoughts and words you put into your head that keep you from moving forward.


What if, instead of all the negative words you are constantly telling yourself you told yourself “I am worth it” or “I want this so bad and I know I can do it” or “Nothing is going to stop me!” Just saying those words FEELS great!! Try it!! Changing our mindset and our words to ourselves can be an amazing things.

Try writing down exactly what you want and WHY you want it. Then write down some positive statements about yourself that will HELP you change the way you think and feel.

I am just as guilty of this as everyone else, but this past weekend I told myself ENOUGH! I told my husband that no more negative talk was allowed in our home. We need to stop breaking ourselves down and instead building ourselves up! So we set a goal of 45 days to work not only on the outside of ourselves, but the inside as well. If we feel good about who we are and the hard work we are putting in, our bodies will change as we want them to.

This post was inspired from someone I met many years ago at a Fitness Convention. Brian Grasso words back then were so inspiring and motivating that I have followed him ever since. Today he posted the following on his facebook page (you so should follow him!) and I just had to share:

I’d like to take a moment to free you from the bull.

The motivational nonsense that spikes through social media everyday.

The “Nothing Can Stop You” crusade.

Because something CAN stop you.

And DOES stop you.

In fact, it’s stopping you right now.


You stop yourself.

All the time.

You live meeker than your should.

Pursue with less conviction than you could.

Overthink and question your capacity nonstop.

And for no reason.

Because you’re epic.



And entirely amazing.

So stop romanticizing the possibility…

… And start working to actualize it.

Because you’re in your own way.

And you know I’m right.

The ‘fix’ isn’t a slick sounding message from a motivational guru.

It’s reprogramming your perspective to finally embrace the truth of what you’re worth.

Mindset Matters Most.


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