Bulletproof Coffee – YUM!!

Yes, I am still going Bulletproof strong!! Every morning, I have my bulletproof coffee, to the point where I not only look forward to it, but I CRAVE it! So it’s easy to fit into my lifestyle. Sometimes I will even have one before I go to bed, which I have to tell you, has really helped with my sleep!!

I love how it makes me feel, how simple it is and the benefits my body gets from eating this way. I also don’t stress about having a “bad” or “off” day. I just let it go, add some charcoal capsules and move on.  Simple, easy and perfect for me!


About a month ago, right before we went to Vegas with the in laws to celebrate my step-sons 21st birthday, I ran out of my glutathione . I thought it would be fine, since I had been taking it for a few months prior. Then when we got back I just didn’t order any more. HUGE mistake!! It what was helping my body to detox all the “junk” flowing through my body along with the mold issues. Since our trip to Vegas, I have felt sluggish, bloated, achy joints and just not myself. That is the only thing I have changed since then, so I will surely be adding that to my next order!! Glutathione is the bomb and until I find another way to rid my body of the “junk” flowing through it, it will be something I am taking daily!

In FACT.. Bulletproof is having a 20% off everything on the site today only! 

Here are some of my favorite things:

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I will also be adding some bulletproof chocolate to my order, because why NOT?!!

If you have any questions about the products, just ask!! And make sure to take advantage of the 20% off anything in the store today, Monday, November 3oth ONLY!!

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