Spring Shred Challenge – Online Option

The time has come.

The time to focus and get that body ready for SUMMER!! 

When does it start?  Challenge begins February 6th and ends on March 22nd. 

What will this challenge consist of? 

    • YOU determine your nutrition throughout the 45 days. You can choose from one of the options below:
      1. Nutrition options:
        1. Paleo
        2. Keto
        3. Whole 30
        4. Paleo + Keto
        5. Plan of your own or Beachbody Nutrition Option
    • I will provide categories for points to help keep you motivated throughout the challenge. Some examples would be doing extra cardio, eating vegetables, drinking water, taking care of yourself and much more! Those who have 720 or more POINTS at the end of the challenge will be put into a drawing to win a small prize.
    • You will do before and after measurements and photos.
    • You will have MINI challenges throughout the challenge to keep things interesting.
    • You will have extra at home workouts that I will send to you to do, on top of your choice of workouts.
      • If you are interested in choosing a Beachbody Workout, just let me know and I can help you to determine which one would work best for you. Another great option is our Beachbody On Demand option, which allows you access to all of the workouts for just $99 for an entire year!
    • Everything will be explained further after you have joined the challenge group below.
    • Your challenge support will be all through an app for this challenge.

If you are ready to start taking charge of your life and making some serious changes to your body, send me an email and I will invite you to the challenge group!