It’s coming around. My step kids have it, I have had many clients canceling classes because of it and I am just crossing my fingers it won’t get to me!!

You all know how much I love my oils and I use them every day! As soon as one person in our household gets sick, I start applying them to my body to keep me healthy!

Here are some of my go-to’s for the cold and flu season…


I like to use Breathe, On Guard, and Eucalyptus. I also like to use the On Guard and Breathe cough drops. The On Guard and Breathe also come in roller bottles, which are already diluted with coconut oil, so they work great for people with sensitive skin.

If you have a sore throat, I have found Lemon and On Guard to work well if you rough it along the sides of your neck where your glands are.

How to use them? 
Massage into neck and chest or gargle or diffuse into the air and inhale.


I like to use Breathe, OnGuard and Oregano. Oregano is like a antibiotic but all natural! I find myself rolling that stinky oil on the bottoms of my feel anytime I feel something coming on!

How to use them? 
Take internally in a capsule or diffuse into the air and inhale or apply topically to the chest or bottoms of the feet.


Always my go to is Breathe!! I use this one a lot even for allergy season!

How to use them?
Diffuse into the air and inhale or apply topically to the chest or around the sinuses.


Peppermint is the best for this!! But you can also add Lemon and Lavender as well to make it even more effective!






How to use them?
Apply to forehead, temples and back of neck or take internally in a capsule or diffuse into the air and inhale.
For kids, drop a few drops of peppermint onto your palms, rub your palms then transfer them under the feet of your child. Repeated 1-2 times then cover with socks.

If want to learn more about the oils you can check out my site or email me at and I will help you out as much as possible! If you are a member of Fit Chick Express, I do put in monthly orders, so just let me know if there is something you would like to try!

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