🤔 Are you struggling to lose that belly fat?

 🤔Has your weight loss hit a plateau?

 🤔Have you run out of things to try to get your body to the next level?

 🤔Are you finding it hard to lose those last few pounds?

Summer is over.

Kids are now in school and it’s time get that focus back on you.

In just 21 days, I can help you to break through that fat loss plateau, gain back your self confidence and feel amazing both inside and out!  

What Will I Receive in this Challenge?

✨ Calendar with 21 Days of Workouts (Via On Demand)

✨ 3 Options for Ultimate Fat Loss Nutrition (Keto Lifestyle, Beachbody Nutrition tailor made for each specific workout, or Gluten-free, Sugar-Free, Limited Dairy Nutrition Plan)

✨ VIP Challenge Only Group with access to me 24/7 for daily accountability and online support!

✨ Increased Self Confidence, Strength and Sense of Accomplishment!

✨ Better energy and stamina along with a smokin’ hot body!

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have or to find out if this challenge will work for YOU! 

What Will I Need for this Challenge?

1⃣ Set me up as your coach, if I am not already. If you do not currently have a coach you can make me yours here: http://bchbody.life/2uqCdgA

2⃣ You will need to have access to the Shift Shop program OR 21 Day Fix or — 21 Day Fix Extreme.

(Either on BOD or with a Challenge Pack).

3⃣ Check out videos of each of the workouts: Shift Shop21 Day Fix21 Day Fix Extreme

4⃣ OPTIONAL:  You will commit to replacing 1 meal each day with Shakeology (Vegan Shakeology available also) and follow one of the Nutrition Plans listed above.

**Another Option and highly recommended is the Beachbody’s Energize. This will help you to POWER through each day’s workout, especially when you are just not feeling it! I this stuff!

If you are READY to take your body and your health to the next level, fill out the form below and I will be sending you an email within the next few days to get you all set up and ready to get started!