About Me

My name is Angie Marone and I am the owner of Fit Chick Express in Colorado. I started my own business in 2008 and have grown from 5 ladies to over 100! Fit Chick Express is not all about losing weight, but more about empowering women to be strong, healthy and happy with their lives and their bodies.

After I turned 40, it seemed like my body instantly stopped cooperating. I stopped sleeping, had no energy, wasn’t able to handle stress very well and my weight started to creep up. It was and is still frustrating! I was supposed to be leading a group of women to find the best of themselves and I myself couldn’t even do it. But what I didn’t realize is that it’s not just about what we do for exercise or nutrition, but what is going on in our bodies that also has an impact on how we reach certain goals. I want to be able to use my own experiences as a way to help others who find that eating good and working out is not working for them.

Women Live Fit came about as a way for me to help women all over the world, in the same manner as I do my awesome clients at Fit Chick Express.

My entire focus since starting Fit Chick Express, way back in May of 2008, was to teach women to take care of themselves, be healthy and be strong. It doesn’t always have to be about “being thin” or “having 6 pack abs”. It’s about being able to move, play with our children, feel energized and be healthy from the inside out.

Caring for your body is your responsibility and no one else can do this for you! As women, we tend to put our own health needs last while we spend time taking care of everyone else. I want this to be YOUR place to come to and put yourself FIRST!