Anything is Possible, with the Right Mindset!

"Your attitude will determine where each and every day will take you. Change your mindset and watch your life take off..."

I get it... some days are HARD! Heck some years are hard! I was there, stuck in a place of fear, anger and frustration. And I felt so lost, I didn't know how to get out. But I did. It didn't happen overnight. It took a few years, but I made it.


And it wasn't easy, but it was worth it! 

I was just talking with some of my #fitchickfam this past weekend and one of the girls asked me how long it took to get better from being exposed to mold for almost 3 years. It took me a second to think about it, but then I realized it took almost a year and half from the time we moved out of the moldy house that I could really start to feel my entire body feel better again! I had more energy and my sleep was so much better. I no longer had dark circles under my eyes and my hormones were starting to normalize...well, as much as they can for a 45 year old! 


But if I am to be honest, it's actually been longer for me to get my head back to normal. Not only did my body suffer, but mindset suffered as well. I talked the "big game" a lot. Trying to be okay with where I was. But honestly, I was still in the mindset of being "sick". 

I remember talking with one of my trainers who kicks ass all the time and is an inspiration to me!!--  and her telling me to just "get over it" and "just do it!" At the time, I recall being angry with her for not understanding, for not giving me any sympathy, even though I am not one to want a lot of sympathy. I felt like I had gone through so much that people did not understand, and that I should be allowed to say NO to things. 

But she knew me better. She knew that I was not one to settle. I was not one to stand down from a challenge. I was tougher than that. And I had lost that tough person. It's still hard... I get emotional just thinking about the person that I became because of my health issues. And still 2 years later, I still struggle with finding that tough person again. 

So I have been journaling a lot on this. Why do I still feel this way? What am I afraid of? What is holding me back? It's the fear. Fear of getting sick again. Fear of not getting enough sleep. Fear of feeling like complete shit and trying to hold it all together while I run my business.  Fear sucks!! 



"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." ~Jack Canfield

So, I wanted to start off 2018 with a theme of such. Something to remind me of how I want to live my year. I wanted to live #FEARLESS again! I wanted to be that person who stepped up to a challenge, instead of hiding. I wanted to be more social and enjoy time with friends, instead of worrying about getting enough sleep. (Well I still like to be in bed early , but that's just a preference!!) I wanted to lead by example (and not just by my words) and show my #FITCHICKFAM that anything is possible if you just have the right mindset! 


Just putting it out there... it feels so exhilarating!!! There is so much I want to do to make up for the past 4 years!! I want to be that person that people look up to and think, "Man, she is amazing and kicks ass!".  

It's time to take action, because as you know it's the action that truly moves you forward. We can talk about what we want to do until we are blue in the face, but if we do not set that intention into action, we will continue to be stuck. 


This year is the year of YOU.. of ME of US!!

 Let's push past those fears, those limiting self beliefs, those doubts and move forward! 

If you are feeling lost and not even sure which direction you want to go, I would love to help you with that! I have had incredible results from working on my journaling and doing daily mindset work and I know it would help you too!

Total Body Pyramid

This total body workout is a fun one!

Work your way up the pyramid and back down- repeat 2x

You can use weights or do it as a bodyweight workout, it's your choice!

Click to print!


This is the workout that will take you to the next level! It's called Insanity MAX because your goal is to push so hard you MAX OUT! Meaning you NEED to stop to take a break!! 😉 

Yes it sounds evil, but it's one of those workouts that will leave you feeling like a true BADASS when you are done! 


Lower and Abs!

Looking to work that lower body and get some ab work in?  This is the workout for you! Do it as a stand alone workout or add it to  compliment an upper body or cardio workout! 

Click to Print!
Click to Print!

Fat Torching Tabatas

Time for another QUICK fat torching quick workout!!

This is great to use as warm up for a run or as a finisher to a weight workout!

But it also works GREAT on it's own as a cardio workout! 


Booty Blaster

This workout will bring your backside to a whole new level! 😆😉

This is a good one to throw in if you really want to see some changes in your lower body. Add weights and increase them as you go! 

Click above to print!
Click above to print!

Cardio Blaster 2

This cardio workout is a tough one!! Make it your own and do it again in few weeks and try to beat your rounds! 

20 Reps All for time of 20 minutes! 

Holiday Workouts

No excuses to not get in a workout over the holidays! 

Here are some workouts you can do anywhere and with just your own bodyweight! 

Just hover over the graphic below and save to your computer to print off and enjoy!