Back to Keto

For about the past month, I have kind of just back away from the Keto Diet. I just wanted to see how my body would respond and feel if I added in some  more carbs and kind of ate whatever I wanted–of course within reason. I still can’t do gluten, so I tend to stay away from that no matter what.

Well, it was eye-opening for sure. I have felt pretty cruddy. My bloated tummy is back, my face has been breaking out, my sleep is not great nor is my energy and I can feel more inflammation in my body, which makes my hormones go haywire–more than normal!

So, I am back at it, starting today!!

I started my day off with my coffee (decaf), but it’s not just plain coffee. It is actually all of the things you see in the picture above. It’s creamy, like a latte and very filling! I have this same thing every day, and I even did it when I was off Keto, just because I like it so much more than plain coffee.

Morning Coffee Recipe: 1 tbps coconut oil, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, as much himalayan salt as you want, I don’t measure and 1 tsp of gelatin–which is so good for gut health, skin, hair and nails, so why not! It has not flavor. 😉

And here was my breakfast, about an hour later. I only do this on mornings I don’t have to be anywhere. Normally I would eat them at the same time.

This was 2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage and 1 slice of Havarti (my fav at the time!) cheese (I change up different cheeses all the time), cooked in bacon fat or butter. I would sometimes add some avocado, but I I didn’t this morning.

This breakfast will normally hold me over for a long time, but I have gotten into the habit of eating all the time and snacking all the time again, it’s going to take my body time to adjust to having longer time in between meals.

So yeah, I am back at it. Ready to feel better for sure. I also recently found out a few hormones and neurotransmitters that are off, so I am looking forward to making some more progress with my overall health and fitness goals now!!

Look out.. cuz here I come!!!

OH and I have been getting a lot of questions more recent about the keto diet, so my husband and I are planning to do a 30 Day Challenge Group all around the Keto Diet! So if you are curious and want to know more on our upcoming group, click HERE and put your name in. We will be sending out more details early next week.

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