Brand New, HEALTHY ME!

feeling goodIt’s been a while since I updated on what is going on with me health wise, but that will also explain some of the lack of posting. 🙂

To update you, you can read my Giving Up Control post.

Since then we were able to get the mold issues remediated in our crawl space and upstairs bathroom and had our HVAC unit cleaned out. In just a month of doing that, I noticed that my brain was clearing up and I was experiencing more energy. YIPEE!! But it was still not enough. It was not the ME I wanted to be yet. I was still experiencing issue with my eyes also, so we knew that the entire house was not fixed. We still had the “mold spores” that were all over our home from being moved through the air. So our next step is to fog the entire home. I am also on some supplements from my acupuncturist that is helping me detox the mold from my system. Some days are GREAT and others are awful. But in the end, I hope it’s all worth it! We are keeping our fingers crossed that the supplements along with the fogging will fix all the remaining problems.


I am so looking forward to feeling amazing again and having that PUSH that makes me want to work harder, go faster and dig deeper! I feel like I have really lacked that lately and so have my clients and it makes me feel like I am letting them down. I am not the “role model” that I used to be and it hurts. I LOVE doing what I do more than anything and the thought of not being able to support and show them how to dig deeper makes my heart hurt. I know its not forever and I know they understand, but from my side of things it’s just so hard. 🙁

I am choosing to focus on this entire experience as a positive one. The things I have learned on this journey of complete adrenal burnout and mold exposure will help me to help others in a different way. Showing them that sometimes, you just need to slow down and listen to your body. You need to find out what it’s trying to tell you and work WITH it and not against it.

As one of my online mentors Brian Grasso would say, #Mindset Matters. 


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