Belly Fat Blaster

I had some suggestions for Weights and Abs, so here is a combo workout with some weights. If you are unsure about an exercise, you can youtube it or ask me and I will video it for you!

Enjoy!! Blast that Belly Fat! Belly Fat Blaster

Post Valentine’s Day Workout

Were you bad on Valentine’s Day? Did you splurge a little? It’s LIFE! We all do it from time to time. Here is a great workout for you to do to burn off those valentine goodies!!  Enjoy!Sweaty Valentines Workout



My Intro to PIYO

Alicia, our PIYO instructor!

Alicia, our PIYO instructor!

At my fitness studio, Fit Chick Express, we recently added PIYO to our classes. The instructor that started teaching these classes will be leaving for the Ski season here in Colorado, so I will need to (and want to!!) teach some of the classes.

I find that I NEED to use my creativeness or I go crazy. Running a business, you don’t always have to be real creative, but in mine, I use it by coming up with new and fun workouts for my girls. So when we decided to add PIYO I was excited!!

I came up with a routine and started videotaping it to see how it looks, how much time it will take, etc. I thought I would share the first 7 minutes with you for you to give it a try yourself!

You might be thinking.. just 7 minutes?? Well, that 7 minutes kicked my butt and I still need to add 38 more minutes!! I definitely need to practice a lot more. I am not used to actually doing the workout and talking it through. In this video, I just focused on the movement and didn’t direct, sorry about that. Give it a try and let me know what you think of it so far! I will post the rest as I get it video taped!!

Enjoy!! (Keep in mind I am still learning AND practicing!!) 😉

Tuesdays Twisted Challenge – Torture Those Abs

We have been working our abs quite a bit in our Fit Chick Express boot camp classes. As much as the ladies like to complain, they all LOVE to work their abs!!

Try this awesome ab workout on your own and let us know how it goes! Video demo below…

Torture Those Abs


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this and/or any other exercise program may cause injury. Any user of this workout resumes the risk of injury from performing these workouts. Please consult your physician before attempting any of our workouts.