Cardio Killer

This is going to be a tough, but great cardio workout! 

You will do 10 reps the first round, 15 reps the second round and 20 reps the 3rd round! 

One round might seem like enough, but I challenge you to do at LEAST 2 rounds! 😉

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This is the workout that will take you to the next level! It’s called Insanity MAX because your goal is to push so hard you MAX OUT! Meaning you NEED to stop to take a break!! 😉 

Yes it sounds evil, but it’s one of those workouts that will leave you feeling like a true BADASS when you are done! 


Fat Torching Tabatas

Time for another QUICK fat torching quick workout!!

This is great to use as warm up for a run or as a finisher to a weight workout!

But it also works GREAT on it’s own as a cardio workout! 


Cardio Blaster 2

This cardio workout is a tough one!! Make it your own and do it again in few weeks and try to beat your rounds! 

20 Reps All for time of 20 minutes! 

Holiday Workouts

No excuses to not get in a workout over the holidays! 

Here are some workouts you can do anywhere and with just your own bodyweight! 

Just hover over the graphic below and save to your computer to print off and enjoy! 

Totally Tabatas

Are you ready to sweat??

Totally Tabatas will burn some crazy calories in just a short time! 

20/10’s x 4 each per set! 

Belly Blaster Cardio

This is a real belly burner! Use this workout to burn off that belly fat and boost that metabolism!

20/10’s x 5 Rounds with no equipment but your own body! 


Freebie Friday – Total Body Workout!

Here is a Freebie Friday workout for you! 

For this workout you will need a timer and set it to 50/10 x 2-4 rounds!

Do as many as you have time for. 

Equipment needed: Your body! There are some exercises where you can add some dumbbells or bands to if you wish.

For more great workouts like this, check out my WLF Online Boot Camp Club!