Addicted to steps…

Hello, my name is Angie and I addicted to my Fit Bit!! 

fit bit

I got my fit bit for Christmas 2 years ago and have worn it every single day since! Except for the maybe 3 or 4 days I had it charging and forgot. But otherwise…EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!! I even wore it on my wedding day, tucked away in my bra!!

It’s addicting to say the least. If I DO forget it, I feel like I wasted an entire day. Sad, but true. What did I ever do without a fit bit?? I can’t even imagine. 😉 I even bought one for my mom for her birthday to keep her moving!

I also like that mine tracks my sleep. I have been having issues with my sleep for years now, so this allows me to see how I am sleeping on any given night. It’s nice to look back just a year ago and see how much better my sleep is now compared to then. And as everyone knows, SLEEP is such a huge part of our health, stress levels and weight management.

A lot of my clients at Fit Chick Express have one also, which makes it fun as we can challenge each other to daily step challenges, or even weekly step challenges! If you want to “step it up” this is definitely the way to do it!

I am currently doing a weekly challenge with a few of the girls and sitting here doing desk work is NOT going to help me win, even though I am at the top as of now!


There are many different types of the fit bit. Ones you can wear on your shirt or pants or ones you can wear on your wrist. I have the Fit Bit One and I put it on the inside of my sports bra when working out or inside of my normal bra. If I find there is a time when I have no place to put it, I have my husband wear it so that I still get steps. 😉 That’s not cheating is it??

When I first got my fit bit, my daily goal was 10,000. I found that after a while, I was getting that very easily, so set my goal to 12,000. Most days I do that with no problem, but some days I have to work a little harder to get there. And there are days when I never stop moving and I collapse into bed with 17,000 steps!

If you are looking for motivation to just MOVE, this is a a great, inexpensive way to do it. 😉 Then find me and friend me and join in our step challenges!

Take another step in the right direction by adding Fitbit to your fitness routine!!

Cardio Blaster

Yup, this one is a good one! It’s a modified version of what I did in my own workout last week. Modified, only in that I had to take out some of the exercises with equipment and replace with body weight.

This is one where you PUSH yourself until you absolutely cannot push anymore. I did and felt it for sure. Even hours after I finished. But sometimes you just have to “test” your limits and see how hard you actually can push!! We will be doing this one again in a few weeks and see how we do then, hopefully improvements will show!

Let us know how it goes for you and how many rounds YOU get done in 20 minutes!!

Cardio Blaster2


Movement is GOOD!

Tuesdays are my work at home day. Which really means, sit behind a desk for hours and hours. Anyone that knows me, knows this is my LEAST favorite way to spend my time, not to mention how bad it is for you.

So I plan my workouts at the same time (or around the same time) I do my workouts on the other days of the week. That way, its planned and I will stop and get it done!

I like to get in my cardio workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and today I choose an Insanity video. Yes, I am a bit insane!! I LOVE the push, I LOVE feeling defeated and I LOVE how I feel when I am done. I don’t get frustrated when I have to stop, it just shows me that I worked as hard as I possible could until I had to stop!

30 Minutes with about 280 calories burned today.. not too shabby!! And yes, I was still smiling when I was done. 🙂