Tabata Torture!

We did just the Sprints and Jump Rope as a finisher after our workout yesterday and it about killed me! […]

Memorial Day Workout

I first want to start this off by saying a HUGE thanks to all the men and women that dedicated […]

Bodyweight Cardio Challenge!!

Not sure if have mentioned this enough, but I do not like cardio. Especially on any type of machine or […]

Climb The Ladder!

Are you ready to work your entire body with nothing BUT your body weight?? We have done something similar in […]

Tuesdays Twisted Challenge — INSANITY!

Good morning! The weather is a bit drab here this morning, so I thought you might need something to get […]

Booty Burner

I am going to start teaching a 30-minute BOOTY class this week and wanted to share with you a version […]

Twisted Tuesday Challenge-Pulse-Pulse

OK, Ladies!  I’ve got a doozy for you!  This one can be done with or without dumbbells.  To pulse, the first […]

Twisted Tuesday Challenge

Here is a quick workout that provides both cardio and strength.  For more cardio-based: lighter weights, more reps.  For strength: heavier weights, […]

Tuesdays Twisted Challenge

Yup, this one is a good one! It’s a modified version of what I did in my own workout last […]

Tuesday Twisted Challenge-Fat Torching Tabatas

Time for another fat torching quick workout!! This is great to use as warm up for a run or before […]