Totally Tabatas

Are you ready to sweat??

Totally Tabatas will burn some crazy calories in just a short time! 

20/10's x 4 each per set! 

Belly Blaster Cardio

This is a real belly burner! Use this workout to burn off that belly fat and boost that metabolism!

20/10’s x 5 Rounds with no equipment but your own body! 


Velocity Challenge

This workout is indeed a challenge workout! I recommend timing yourself and then doing it again in a month to see if you can improve your time! Remember, by challenging yourself, you can become even better and stronger! 😉 

Full Body Circuit

This workout will work your entire body! 10 reps of each exercise and go around 4 times. Feel free to add dumbbells to the workout to make it more intense and more of a muscle building workout!


Total Body 2

This workout will get your entire body workout out in one session! 20 Reps of every exercise x 3 Rounds/ set before you move on to the next set of exercises. 


First you will get your weight workout in! 2 Circuits, each exercise 12 reps and do 3 rounds. Then move to the next circuit. 

Cardio Finishers to follow! 20 reps x 3 Rounds and DONE! 



For this workout you will do 2 rounds of each set with the corresponding reps. Feel free to add some dumb bells for the Renegade Row Extensions if you choose!

Check out the video below for your demos and modifications of the exercises! 


Cardio Tabatas 2

This is a killer cardio workout! It will get your heart pumping like no other! Take advantage of that 1 minute rest in between exercises, you will need it!

Check out the video below for exercise demos and modifications! Have fun and let me know how you like the workout!