Strength with Finishers!

This workout is a total body workout! Start with those weights and finish up by boosting that metabolism and burning some body fat!  Equipment needed: Dumb bells, step or stairs and a mat. 

Check out the video below for exercise demos and modifications! 

Cardio Pyramid

For this workout, you will start with 10 reps of an exercise and work your way up to 60 reps, then go back down. You only need to do the 60 reps one time. Time yourself to see how fast you can go, but remember, do not sacrifice form over speed! 

Here is the video with exercise demonstration and modifications! Post any comments about this workout below or in the private group. 



This is an intense workout, if you push yourself and set goals of how many rounds you want to complete in the 5 minutes. You have 2 exercises you will do 10 reps each of until you reach 5 minutes. Rest 30-45 seconds and move to the next set. You will need a set of dumb bells for this workout!

Couplets PDF

Couplets Video