Bump in the road…

We all have them. Those bumps in the road. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are small. The important […]

Becoming Bulletproof!!

It’s been a long journey of me trying to not only figure out what has been going on with my […]

Brand New, HEALTHY ME!

It’s been a while since I updated on what is going on with me health wise, but that will also […]

What is Holding You Back?

  We all struggle with it. That one little word…MOTIVATION. It’s our excuse for not reaching our goals, whatever they […]

Living life to it’s fullest each and every day!

  Yesterday we put on a Charity 5K Run/Walk for one of my trainers and her husband. Her husband was […]

Giving Up Control

Giving up control is hard. It has always been hard for me to just let things be or not “fix” […]

Yoga is GOOD for the Adrenals!

Are your adrenals shot?? Well mine are. It’s been a long process of discovering that they are just overworked and […]

Totally Lost My Motivation…

  We all do it– Lose our motivation. My clients talk about it all the time and ask how they […]

NEVER Give Up!

When you are trying so hard to reach your goals, whether it be weight loss or fat loss or whatever, […]

Sleep issues can really be a problem

As for myself, I have been having them pretty much since I turned 40. Ugh!! I am still working with […]