My Intro to PIYO

At my fitness studio, Fit Chick Express, we recently added PIYO to our classes. The instructor that started teaching these […]

All bodyweight…

I am always looking for ways ¬†for my Fit Chick Express girls be able to get in a good workout […]

Boot Camp Poker Workout

I stumbled upon this old post I did back in 2009 when I first started teaching boot camp classes. It […]

Metabolic Circuit

This was our workout from yesterday. It was tough and quick! We finished in about 23 minutes including a cooldown […]

Climb The Ladder!!

Ready to tackle another total body¬†workout?? This is similar to the one I did in my own workout yesterday. I […]

Great Body Weight Workout!!

I didn’t get around to posting a workout yesterday, so thought I would post the one I did today. I […]

Memorial Day Workout

I first want to start this off by saying a HUGE thanks to all the men and women that dedicated […]

Bodyweight Cardio Challenge!!

Not sure if have mentioned this enough, but I do not like cardio. Especially on any type of machine or […]

All Bodyweight Workout Kicks BUTT!

Some of my clients and I did the Spartan Race a few weeks ago. It was a great time and […]

Metabolic Fat Buster!

Here is what we did yesterday in my workout. It pretty much covered all areas of the body and whooped […]