Belly Fat Blaster

I had some suggestions for Weights and Abs, so here is a combo workout with some weights. If you are unsure about an exercise, you can youtube it or ask me and I will video it for you!

Enjoy!! Blast that Belly Fat! Belly Fat Blaster

Total Body Butt Kicker

We did something similar to this last week and it literally kicked my butt!! If you push yourself and go hard, it will do the same for you! It shouldn’t take too long, but instead its a short and sweaty perfect workout for you!

Total Body Butt Kicker

What would you like to see more of? More weight workouts? Ab workouts? Cardio?? Post below and I will see what I can put together!

Booty Blaster

I truly apologize for lack of workouts lately. If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that I have been dealing with some health issues and just haven’t had the extra energy or brain space to even put something together.

Here is a special booty blaster for you to try out today! I hope you enjoy!! I promise to post more often as I am feeling better!

Booty Blaster Workout

Post Valentine’s Day Workout

Were you bad on Valentine’s Day? Did you splurge a little? It’s LIFE! We all do it from time to time. Here is a great workout for you to do to burn off those valentine goodies!!  Enjoy!Sweaty Valentines Workout



Great pre and post holiday workouts!

Fit Chick Express is closed from Dec 24th until Jan 1st every year, so I make sure to send the girls home with a workout they can do while on break. Whether they do it or not is another story. 😉

So here is the one we did on our last day of boot camp before the break. Just think of the workout like the song, but we went backwards like this:

On the first day of cardio my trainer gave to me 1 burpee to the ground. On the 2nd day of cardio my trainer gave to me 1 burpee to the ground and 2 star jacks. On the 3rd day of cardio my trainer gave to me 1 burpee to the ground, 2 star jack and 3 ski abs. And you go until you have done all 12 of them. Some of my girls are fast, so they finished a round, so I had them work their way back up (as the song goes) doing all 12 then taking one off from the bottom each round until they get back to just doing 1 burpee to the ground.

GREAT cardio workout for sure!


On the 1st Day of Cardio 2015

Here is our strength training one on Tuesday before break. If you are unsure about any of the exercises, just ask!

25 Reps of Fitness 2015

And just one more for you. I did this yesterday as a POST Holiday workout for my Fit Chicks!

Post Holiday Workout

Tabata Burpees!

OH yea baby!! After all my Thanksgiving feasts I decided I needed to get some a good cardio workout. I am NOT liking the treadmill, too cold in the basement and I LOVE bodyweight cardio. I thought tabatas would be perfect because it’s quick!! So I came up with this workout.

Boy was it a good one! It was nice to break up the burpees, but also make it hard, get my heart rate up and get sweaty!! After I did a little practice PIYO which felt great. Nice way to calm down the body, stretch out the muscles but also get in another great workout!

You will do 4 reps of the first exercise, add a burpee and repeat until the 20 seconds is up. Go for the 4 rounds of that first exercise then move on down the list. There are lots of online tabata timers or apps for your phone so you can set it up how you want it.

If you need a quick 8 min workout, give this one a try!


Bodyweight 200 AMRAP Workout

Looking for a total body workout for travel or when short on equipment? Give this workout a try and see how many rounds you can get completed in 20 minutes!

My goal for YOU is 6.. can YOU make it happen?? Let me know!


My Intro to PIYO

Alicia, our PIYO instructor!

Alicia, our PIYO instructor!

At my fitness studio, Fit Chick Express, we recently added PIYO to our classes. The instructor that started teaching these classes will be leaving for the Ski season here in Colorado, so I will need to (and want to!!) teach some of the classes.

I find that I NEED to use my creativeness or I go crazy. Running a business, you don’t always have to be real creative, but in mine, I use it by coming up with new and fun workouts for my girls. So when we decided to add PIYO I was excited!!

I came up with a routine and started videotaping it to see how it looks, how much time it will take, etc. I thought I would share the first 7 minutes with you for you to give it a try yourself!

You might be thinking.. just 7 minutes?? Well, that 7 minutes kicked my butt and I still need to add 38 more minutes!! I definitely need to practice a lot more. I am not used to actually doing the workout and talking it through. In this video, I just focused on the movement and didn’t direct, sorry about that. Give it a try and let me know what you think of it so far! I will post the rest as I get it video taped!!

Enjoy!! (Keep in mind I am still learning AND practicing!!) 😉

Bodyweight 20×2

I am always looking for ways  for my Fit Chick Express girls be able to get in a good workout if they are on vacation and have no equipment OR at home and just need to get in a nice tough workout on their own. 😉

This one covers pretty much every body part you own! And the workout just might OWN you! 😉  Just kidding.. give it a try and let us know how it works!

BW 20x2

Boot Camp Poker Workout


I stumbled upon this old post I did back in 2009 when I first started teaching boot camp classes. It was a fun way to mix up the same old workouts and each person worked out on their own. We STILL do these type of workouts in our Fit Chick Express workouts!

You get a pack of cards and assign an exercise to the hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, ace and joker. If you have the space, you can set up your cards about 20 yards away, run to the card, come back, do the exercise and then repeat. You do the number of repetitions that equal your number on your card. I normally take out the 2-4, but if you use them, just double them. So a 2=4, 6=12 repetitions. You can assign your card with whatever exercises you feel like doing that day!

I set this workout up as if you get an ace, everyone runs ladders or suicides. This is running from cone to cone. If you get a joker, everyone does 8 inchworms. You could also make it 10 burpees or 50 jumping jacks.

This is a lot of fun, because you just never know what you might get!

Boot Camp Poker:

Hearts=Push Press

Spades=Frog Jumps

Clubs=DB/Band Rows

Diamonds=Forward Lunge with Bicep Curl



Give a try by yourself or with a group of fitness friends or make up your OWN Boot camp poker workout and tell us what exercises YOU picked!!