Finally Found What Works for ME!

The past 3 years, dealing with all the issues that came up due to the mold, it’s been a struggle with my weight and finding the ideal nutrition plan (I dislike the word DIET!). I have tried Paleo, low carb, high carb and Bulletproof. I always felt like I was eating healthy, and I was compared to many others. But it just never made me feel like I wanted and NEEDED to feel until now.

Have you ever heard of the Ketogenic Lifestyle? It’s similar to the Bulletproof Diet, but also different. If you want to see the differences between the BPD, Paleo and Ketogenic, click HERE.

If have been following me, you might remember I did try the Bulletproof Diet for some time. I actually liked it and did start to feel better by eating that way. But still never got the results I was looking for. I was probably not 100% either, which can be frustrating as well. my personality does not do well with having to be 100% on ANYTHING! But that could have been why I did not get the results I wanted.

The basics of the Keto Diet = high fats, low to minimal carbs and medium protein. 

After watching a client of mine, (yes, they inspire and motivate me too!!) do the Keto diet for a few months and she started looking even more amazing than she already did, I decided I would give it a try. The biggest obstacle was my hubby. I had to have him on board first, otherwise it would be more difficult for me to do this. And convincing him that a HIGH FAT diet was going to help him shed body fat was a huge feat!! I had been trying to convince him for years that more healthy fats are better for you, but he never believed me.

It took some time, but I finally convinced him to commit to just 30 days of it with me, and he did. We started the week before Thanksgiving. Probably not the best time to start, but hey, better than waiting until the New Year, right?! The first two weeks was a period of adjustment and working on getting not only the ratios of Carbs/Proteins/Fats correct, but also it took our bodies some time to adjust. The “keto flu” is not awesome. Thankfully, we didn’t eat that horribly before so it was not as bad. Still, if we slip off some and eat more sugar or carbs than our bodies are used too, some of the symptoms come back.

You might we wondering how we are eating? The ONE thing to keep in mind with this type of nutrition lifestyle is to ONLY eat when you are hungry! That took some time to get used to for myself, being a 5-6 meal person. 🙂

I do tend to eat the same things just to make it more simple for myself. When I get bored with the same thing, I change it up again. I am also a more simple person. No big recipes or elaborate meals, just simple and easy to make and track.

So here is a sample daily meal plan that I follow: 

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, pepperoni or sausage crumbles, cheese and avocado. All of this is cooked in butter or bacon fat. ALONG with my decaf coffee blended with coconut oil or MCT oil, almond milk, salt and sometimes collagen protein.

Late Morning: sliced deli cheese and deli meats- pepperoni, salami (I try to eat fattier meats) chicken, turkey- always adding salt!

Late Lunch: Chicken thighs, ground turkey, ground beef, pork (other types of fatty meats), small amount of green veggies (salad, broccoli, brussel sprouts) and small amount of cheese. *I am trying to cut down on my dairy intake as it causes inflammation but I LOVE cheese on my foods!*

Dinner: Same as above, just changing out the type of protein and veggies.

If during the day I am feeling hungry, but really don’t need to eat, I will pop in a fat bomb as the healthy fats keep my hunger levels down. A fat bomb for myself is pretty much melted coconut oil, salt, cocoa and some nuts, frozen into a small muffin tin pan. Quick and easy!

So in almost 2 months, with the holidays being in there and me not being 100%, I am down 1.5% body fat and 4 lbs and almost 4 inches overall (waist/hip/thigh) at my last weigh in which was a few weeks ago. Might not sound like a lot to some people, but for myself it’s what I needed to see. After trying so many other things to lose the inflammation and weight that was caused from living in a moldy environment, this made me super happy. Not only was the weight dropping a plus, but overall I felt amazing! More energy, better sleep, better moods. I am finally feeling like I can conquer the world again! My hubby has lost about 8lbs so far. Of course those darn men!! Lose it so much faster!!

I am ready to make some serious changes this year. I know this Ketogenic lifestyle will help me get there too. So to put it OUT into the universe, my next goal is to drop another 4 pounds, and by mid February. Dropping some body fat would be great as well, so I’ll set that goal at 1%. 😉

If you would like to know more about this diet and how I am doing, just send me a message and I will give you more details.


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