Frustrations of Being Stuck…

Some days I just feel like screaming!! And so I do. My poor husband, he has to listen to it.

It might not help the situation, but it helps me to feel better, if just for a moment.

Why do I feel like screaming? Because I feel…stuck! Stuck in the same place as I have been for months. The scale doesn’t move. The measurements don’t change. I look in the mirror and look the same!!!

But I work SO hard!! Seriously… I do!!

I love to workout, so when I do it, I do it right and push hard. There is no half a$$ing it.

I follow KETO about 85% of the time. Duh– I still want to ENJOY life and have a drink here and there or some potato chips!   #moderation365 (love this  hashtag from Jill Coleman!)

So why am I stuck?? And why does it bother me so much?

I am not one to compare myself to others, I got over that a long time. Working with tons of women over the years, I learned that comparing one woman to another is ridiculous! No one woman is the same, has the same genetics, the same body type, the same stressors and not to mention those darn hormones! Ugh!

The WHY could probably be my hormones. I just hit 45, so that is when those things tend to get a little touchy!!

For the past 8 years I have been trying to figure those things out. I do have to say that looking back, just even a year ago, they have come so far! It definitely is good to look back at how far you have come to where you are today. If I didn’t have that comparison, I would think I was still a mess!

I am really trying to get to a place where I am okay with where I am at. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that unhappy with where my body is, I just know it could be better, and knowing it can be better is what frustrates me! I am not one to give up, I just don’t, I will find a way. And for the sake of my clients, I want to show them that you don’t HAVE to give up! BUT you do have to be okay with where you are and learn to love your body for what it is and what it provides you at the present moment.

This all comes back to what I preach to my clients …. it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle. Am I healthy? YES!! Do I feel awesome? YES! Am I stronger that I have ever been? YES! Am I able to do anything I set out to accomplish? YES! Do I eat junk once in a while and enjoy it, guilt free? YES! #healthylifestyle

I do not want to be perfect. Perfect is too hard. I want to be ME and feel GREAT in my own body. And honestly, I do… I don’t hate my body, I just want to make some changes. And that’s okay. It’s what keeps me getting out of bed each day. It’s what pushes me to work harder in my workouts. It’s what makes me feel alive!!

How do you deal with frustrations of feeling stuck? What can you change that will help you to learn to love where you are at presently, and still find focus on what is really important to you? I would love for you to share with me below!! 

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