LIVE ~ 5 Day Workout Challenge!

Join me for a 5 day LIVE Workout Challenge! 

October 16th-20th

🌟Monday will be Lower Body and Abs
🌟Tuesday will be Cardio
🌟Wednesday will be Upper and Abs
🌟Thursday will be Cardio
🌟Friday is a surprise! 🎉

My plan is to do them LIVE in the Women.Live.Fit FB Community and I think I have all the times planned out. My HOPE is to get them out as early as possible but I kind of have to work around my schedule to make sure I can do them all LIVE! 

So, if you are looking for...

✨ A jumpstart to your fitness routine
✨Something different than you would normally do with your own workout
✨a CHALLENGE and feel a little competitive

Then the time is now... this challenge will give you those things! 

YOUR GOAL in this challenge?

Just complete every workout and post your time. Even if you do not get to it on the day it's posted, you can still post when you do the workout.  Each time you post your time, you will get your name entered into a drawing to win a FREE month to my Women.Live.Fit VIP Club, where you will be getting regular workouts just like these every week! And a chance to join after your month at special 2017 start up rate! (More details to come out later this week). 

All you need to do is enter your name and email below. Then you are in! I will try to send out reminders before and/or after I have posted the workout so you can make sure you are able to gain access to them.