• Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current life or your health?

  • Do you need help with finding clarity in what you truly want and deserve in your life?

  • Are you wishing you could be consistent with your healthy lifestyle goals?

  • Do you struggle with finding that life-work-me balance, constantly feeling overwhelmed, frazzled or worn out?

  • Do you just feel STUCK and really have no direction in your life currently?

If you answered yes, to all or any of these, then you are in the right place!

Everyone has challenges in their lives, but these challenges can be much easier when you find you have the support of someone else. Someone who can guide you and work with you in your current situation to give you the life you truly deserve.

I am here to both encourage and gently guide you to find the answers within yourself that will help you to create whatever vision you have for your life in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space.

When you feel that your personal drive is just not enough or you are stuck in a rut, I can help you to find ways to work through that rut and get you into a place where you truly feel you belong.

Areas that we can cover, depending on where we need to shift your mindset to get the results you are looking for… 

    • Healthy Lifestyle (nutrition, workouts, body image, self esteem, confidence, discover who you truly are)
    • Relationships (personal, friendships, work-related)
    • Money and Career (building the life you dream of, finding the right career path )


How does Mindset Coaching work?

YOU are your biggest obstacle!! Almost all of your limitations are held in your brain and you have the control to change those obstacles.

Many of use have life long beliefs from childhood, that we hold to be true, regardless of whether they are true or not; beliefs about life, self-worth and whether you truly deserve ultimate successes in life. Most of this comes from our upbringing and has been hard-wired into your brain.

What I do is help you to uncover those things and clear the old patterns and set you up for new ways of thinking to allow you to become successful in whatever you choose in life.

Consider mindset coaching a bit like a mental work-out and the techniques, a comprehensive tool-box for your mind!

When you have someone on your side, someone who believes in you, you will be successful. When you have someone who has walked the path before you, you can trust that they know exactly how to help you tap into your potential, take control of your life and achieve the life you desire. I have used the same techniques on myself to overcome success blocks, financial blocks, relationship blocks, self-confidence blocks and so much more! I can’t even begin to tell you how well this system works!

MM quote

My whole life I had been plagued by feeling like I was not ‘enough.’ I had an inherent distrust of my own needs and feelings. As I got older, I completely lost touch with identifying let alone ever voicing my own needs through one dysfunctional relationship after another whether they were romantic in nature, or friendships or even professional working relationships because I was a people pleaser pleasing everyone but me. Since childhood I used binging on food (and smoking and drinking, but lesser so) to cope with this underlying, heavy baseline depression that resulted from ignoring my own needs for decades. It felt physically like the lead blanket you wear when getting your teeth x-rayed! I tried unsuccessfully to ‘fix’ myself and escape from this ever present weight with new people, new jobs and mostly too many failed diets to name. On the outside I appeared fine and met all my responsibilities but on the inside I was empty and trying to fill it with food and other distractions. Anything to keep me from feeling. Nothing clicked until I began Mindset Coaching with Angie Marone. Her combination of compassionate non-judgment and practical coaching techniques such as action items and journaling truly saved me from a lifetime of ‘just getting by’ and launched me like an arrow into unlocking the strength within myself I hoped but never believed I had! I feel reborn and like a butterfly exiting a gray, unhappy cocoon of disappointment into a colorful world of possibilities! My negative thoughts about myself are being replaced by affirming ones without my even trying due to this mindset shift! I really don’t know how else to describe it, but if anyone feels trapped by self-doubt or cripplingly low self-esteem and is ready to do some hard and at times painful internal work, then Angie and her Mindset Coaching can help you find the strength within yourself to set yourself free and begin living up to your true potential! ~ Lori

It’s so thrilling to know I’ve been able to come out of that place of despair. I still struggle with some relationships, but I’m not afraid of keeping my boundaries. And, I’m choosing joy. This program has taught me to be intentional – defining who I want to be and how I want to live and intentionally moving toward those behaviors and goals. Recognizing my fears at the start was the barrier I needed to break down to move forward. ~ Amanda


*30 Days of Online Coaching and Guidance

*Check in via email or Facebook Messenger (chat)

*2-3 days per week journaling assignments and check in

*Tough Love and Hard Work!


Send an email to angie@womenlivefit.com if you are ready to take this journey with me! 



*30 Days of Online Coaching and Guidance

*Online Workouts -3-5 workouts per week

*Nutrition Plan and Guidance

*Check in via email or Facebook Messenger (chat)

*2-3 days per week journaling assignments and check in

*Tough Love and Hard Work!