Do you find yourself searching the internet for a Variety of Workouts that fit into your lifestyle or your goals?

Do you get Bored or Tired of the same old workouts? 

Are you looking for workouts that will help you Get Stronger, Tone Up, Lose Body Fat or Just FEEL Amazing? 

Are you Short on Time but craving an Effective Workout you can do Anywhere?? 

What you can expect with your WLF Online Boot Camp Membership:


⭐Memberships are subscription based so you don’t have to renew every month – your membership will automatically renew each month until you decide to cancel it. (Which I know you won’t want to! )

⭐2-3 new workout videos per week: 5-30 minute workouts that use minimal equipment or no equipment at all. HERE are some examples of what the workouts will consist of. 

⭐Total Body Workouts, Cardio Workouts, Mini Challenges, Strength Workouts, Combination Workouts, Piyo Workouts. Each workout is designed to help you lose fat, build strength and endurance, and boost your metabolism!

 ⭐Quarterly WLF Online Boot Camp 30 Day Challenges to get you to your desired goals! 

⭐All workouts will have video demos with modifications, for those that might need them and they work for any fitness level! 

⭐Printable Tracker for your workouts. 

⭐Weekly workout schedule that links to 3-5 archived WLF Online Boot Camp workouts, so you have scheduled workouts each week. (*Personalized Workouts upon request for specific goals.)

⭐Access to all archived WLF Online Boot Camp workout videos and schedules.

⭐Access to the Private WLF Online Boot Camp Club where you will get extra support to help you live that healthy lifestyle. Knowing that working out alone will not get you the results you might be looking for, I will also offer Nutritional Guidance with options for you to choose from that best fit your lifestyle! 


Hey ladies!! 👋🏻

Numerous times a week I come across a message or an email from someone who wishes they lived local and could workout with me at Fit Chick Express! Well, this is my way of connecting with them and providing them with the same type of boot camp workouts we do, plus offering my services as a coach to them as well. I have a passion for empowering women to learn to love themselves throughout their fitness journey and I want to be there with them through every step of their journey!












Sign up TODAY and receive a 10 day trial for just $1! 

After your 10 days, you will be charged $27 each month until you cancel your membership. 



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"I have been a member of the Women Live Fit community for more than 5 years. Angie Marone is the best example of a fitness coach & trainer, she is open to new ideas and possibilities. My body is in better shape because of her insight to the fitness challenges of everyone. She shares her own life experiences so that we as members can see that we all have our ups and downs. There is no one better that I can think of that I would want to be my trainer." ~Sallie

"I have the honor of being Angie’s first online client. We met on a message board and she offered to create a workout plan for me.  She designed it to my needs at the time. It was great!  Then she started the Fat Blasting Boot Camp Online and I joined that and participated in a boot camp challenge. I came in second place. It was an easy, quick, and effective workout. I have since followed her in the Fit Chicks and purchased her DVD. Now I follow her Women Live Fit group. All her workouts are fun, effective and short. Angie has always been available to answer questions about her workouts and to offer modifications. I would highly recommend her." ~ Debbie T