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Everyone needs extra support and accountability from time to time, so let me help you!

We have lots of different options for you to choose from, so find what works with your healthy lifestyle goals.

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Women.Live.Fit is a way for me to do what I am passionate about -- connect with and help women all over the world, with their healthy lifestyle journey. This is a place for women to feel safe and comfortable sharing their journey with us and a place for them to learn how to be healthy, strong, fit and learn to love themselves from the inside out.


Do you love working with and supporting people find a healthy way of living? Are you a personal trainer looking for a way to work with more clients in an online environment?

What Clients Say



"Angie Marone, thank you for being a woman who empowers other women and for your genuine spirit. I appreciate you more than I could express in words!"



"I want to tell you how awesome I think you are and how blessed that I have you and Fit Chick into life. I very much appreciate your sincere and not over the tip, nor gimmicky motivation. I love how you are on it with yourself and your people. I appreciate that quality in a person as that is what I strive to be everyday.....genuine, helpful, making a difference and real. That's you girl! Thank you."



"Angie is always an inspiration. This group helped me kickstart my motivation. Even remotely, tips, support and motivation where abundant!"

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I love working with and helping women learn how to achieve that healthy lifestyle that works for them. 
Contact me and let me know what you are in need of and I will see what program or group will benefit you the most. 
Your coach, 
Angie Marone

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