Will You Take Care of YOU this Holiday Season?

If you are like me or any other woman, you tend to get overwhelmed and start to feel a little crazy when December hits!

There is the shopping for Christmas, the holiday parties, the kids programs and activities and just all the baking and cooking that we need to do FOR the parties or family get togethers.

It can be quite overwhelming and leave us exhausted by the end of the month and unable to enjoy ourselves, when this should be a time to taking to enjoy ourselves and our friends and families.

So, as I was driving home today, I thought about what ways I could focus on taking a step back and taking care of myself each day, so that by the end of the month I am able to enjoy all the celebrations.

I know that we all have our own view on what we consider self-care, but for myself, forms of self care that I need to focus on would be doing more journaling, foam rolling daily, doing my traction for my back and neck, taking the time to do regular detox baths and meditating. I also need to find more time to spend with friends. I suck at that part, because I am always telling myself that I am too busy. And that is a ridiculous excuse!!

It was then that I thought.. I bet there are SO many other women out there that experience this too!! We forget about ourselves and take care of others.

So what I did was come up with 31 days of Self Care for December. 🙂 It at least give you an idea of some ways you can stop and take care of yourself over the holiday season and come out refreshed and relaxed at the end of the month! Enjoy!

Click the picture below to download a pdf and put on your fridge!

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