Setting my Intentions for 2017

I came across my Intentions blog post from 2016 the other day. It’s always fun to go back and see what my intentions were and how and if I fulfilled them. Here is what my intentions were from last year and I crossed off ones that I did fulfill:

Move into a new home with healthy air quality allowing my body to recover the way it needs to.

–Continue to feel better, have more energy, better sleep as I continue taking the CSM to clean out my body.

–Start up and stay regular with my cardio. At least 2-3x per week walks and/or intervals. If I am feeling up to it, longer runs! (I decided cardio is “not my thing”…more to come in another post. 😉 )

Build up lost muscle by continuing with a healthy Bulletproof lifestyle.

–Continue Self Care in form of massage, rolfing, chiropractic and acupunture.

–Take time to notice when things become too much and slow down. LISTEN to my body and RELAX when needed.

Wow, looks like I did pretty well last year! Last year was truly an entire year of healing for me. And I can honestly say that I accomplished it!! Looks like it’s time to switch up my intentions some and see where this year takes me!

I have already set my goals for 2017, we do it every year and put them in a jar. Again it’s a great way to see where you are heading and how far you have come! 

Do you know the difference between setting goal and setting intentions?

Here are three differences between goal setting and intentions:

  1. Goals are focused on the future.  Intentions are in the present moment.
  2. Goals are a destination or specific achievement.  Intentions are lived each day, independent of reaching the goal or destination.
  3. Goals are external achievements.  Intentions are your inner-relationships with yourself and others.

I just love this that I found about intentions: “Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.”

 -quote reference:

So on that note, it’s time to set some intentions… 🙂

I want to…

-Continue to learn about my body and what feels good and works for it, and leave what doesn’t work behind and be okay with it.

-Focus on my inner strength and abilities to set and achieve any goal that I set in any area of my life.

-Continue to listen to my body when it needs rest and recovery and not feel guilty about it.

-Step out of my comfort zone and open up to people more often, allowing them into my life  while taking the time to do the same for them.

-Focus on believing in myself and what I am capable of doing in my business without any fears, only success.

-Continue to be grateful for each and every day that is given to me.

I would LOVE to hear your intentions for 2017!! Please post below! 

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  1. I intend to advance my Health in a joyful, liberating way; I appreciate the process and release the destination.

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