Belly Blaster Cardio

This is a real belly burner! Use this workout to burn off that belly fat and boost that metabolism!

20/10’s x 5 Rounds with no equipment but your own body! 


Cardio Pyramid

For this workout, you will start with 10 reps of an exercise and work your way up to 60 reps, then go back down. You only need to do the 60 reps one time. Time yourself to see how fast you can go, but remember, do not sacrifice form over speed! 

Here is the video with exercise demonstration and modifications! Post any comments about this workout below or in the private group. 

Adrenals and Sprinting


So I have been dealing with issues with my adrenals for about a year now. It sucks, just let me tell you that!! Especially for myself, who likes to workout like a mad woman!! Working out just always makes me feel so much better!! Running.. eh..not so much. But I do it, or rather I did it. I knew that was how I was able to get my body to “change” in a different way than weight training. It helped me to lose that flabby thigh and booty fat, BUT running also depleted the adrenals, especially when I don’t especially like it and it seems even harder than normal.

I have been researching online, talking to a nutritionist, acupuncturist and naturopath about my adrenal issues and it was anonymous–no more running. But I had to find a way to keep the “flab” off my thighs and outer thighs.  I have and had done interval training also to help with these issues, but recently came across sprinting. Well, I kind of always knew it was there but was never a sprinter and wasn’t sure I would like it. But guess what?? I DO!! It’s quicker than intervals and actually burns just as many calories, if not more!

So what do I mean when I say sprinting? Well, I go out for a walk and after a good warm up, I sprint for 15 to 30 seconds as hard as I possibly can until I can’t anymore. Then I slow it down to a walk to get my breathing back to normal. Then, sprint again!! I did it this morning and used my husbands heart rate monitor and noticed that after every sprint, my heart rate was just a little bit higher. I didn’t feel worn out, like I have in the past from steady state running and I felt like I actually worked harder! I finally found something that I might actually like. 😉 Now to experiment for the next month and see how it affects my body. My goal is to do it at least 3x per week. I might do some on the treadmill, but find I actually work a lot harder outside. 🙂

Have you tried sprinting as form of fat burning? If so, what does your sprinting schedule look like?