👎 Is your brain a bit foggy from all of those holiday indulgences?

👎 Is too much alcohol and sugar leaving a mark on your energy, skin, and mental clarity?

👎 Are you watching the scale creep up and that muffin top start to resurface? 


Don't worry—you're not alone. Getting back into the flow of things is a bit harder than expected for me, as well.

Luckily,  I have a simple way for that post-holiday  recovery! It will get you back to feeling even better than before! 


All I need from you is 30 days of commitment! 

Have you developed "sugar belly"? 

You know, that belly that keeps your pants from buttoning, forcing you to stick to wearing yoga pants for comfort?  That belly that you search to find baggy shirts to cover it up? That belly that you just can't get to go away? 

Well, give me 30 days and you will be wearing those jeans with no problems!!


What we WILL be doing in this challenge... 

  • We will be going sugar FREE, by reading labels!
  • We will be eating lots of vegetables to help our systems recover!
  • We will be drinking ALL the water to help flush out toxins!
  • We will be eating lots of lean proteins and healthy fats to help with our energy levels!
  • We will be doing daily workouts to help burn off that stubborn belly fat and get back to that lean look we crave!
  • We will be taking a front and side picture of our "sugar-bellies" before and after for comparison!

What we will NOT be doing in this challenge... 

  • We will NOT be tracking calories or food.
  • We will NOT be counting points or having to check in daily.
  • We will NOT be on team, this will be our own personal challenge to clean up our nutrition!
  • We will NOT beat ourselves up for small setbacks, instead we will continue to move forward!

🌟Plus there will be a private support group where you will have access to ME as your COACH for the 30 days! 🌟

So...who's ready to get out of those yoga pants and back into those sexy jeans! 

 Challenge begins Monday, January 15th registration closes Friday, Jan 12th at midnight!