Why warming up is important


We always have at least a 4 minute warm up before every boot camp class we do. We set the timer for 30 seconds and do 4 different exercises and do 2 rounds. Each trainer chooses exercises that will help to warm up the muscles that we will be working during each class.

Many of my clients come in and are sore from the last class, so warming up is very important, not only to loosen up those muscles, but to also warm up the muscles to prevent injuries.

Stretching and warming up are two different things and don’t recommend stretching when your body is cold, as you could pull something. Warming up FIRST and then stretching though is recommended. 🙂

For example, if you did jumping jacks and jump rope FIRST, then did some hamstring and quad stretches, not only would it be easier to do that stretch, but you will get a better stretch from a warm muscle.

Here are some exercises to choose from to put together your OWN warm up! Please do these warm ups before doing any of our challenges or workouts to get a much better workout out of your body!

  • Inchworm
  • Jumping Jacks/Shoulder Jacks/ Clap Jacks
  • Jump Rope
  • Spiderman T Ups
  • Up/Down Dog
  • Squat Rotations
  • Forward Lunge Extension
  • Squat Extensions
  • Slide Lunges
  • Mummy Kicks

Here is a quick video of the exercises above.


Have a favorite warm up that you like to use? Please share with us!

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